How Does Sort Method Work in JavaScript?

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Basic Understanding of Sort Method

The sort() method, as its name suggests, sorts every element in an array.

default sorting

Customizing Sort Order — CompareFunction

When sorting the array that only has numbers, how do you think the elements would be ordered?

sorted numbers without compareFunction
sorted numbers with compareFunction
sorted number in descending order
sorted strings in descending order
["lettuce", "cabbege", "tomato", "cucumber", "onion", "squash"]
["lettuce", "tomato", "cabbege", "cucumber", "onion", "squash"]
["tomato", "lettuce", "cabbege", "cucumber", "onion", "squash"]
sorted in chronological order


Last but not least, this method acts on the existing array unlike map() or filter().

Keeping the original array

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