What do HTML and CSS consist of? HTML and CSS syntax for code newbies.

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When I started to learn to code, I just had been focusing to write code without causing errors.

However, when you search and read any documents or ask someone to solve the errors, knowing the syntax and being able to speak with those names would make your coding life easier.

I remember how it looks like and how to code, but somehow I tend to forget the name of each part of the syntax.
For those who (if there are someone like me out there), here is the note that might well come back and check now and then.

HTML Syntax

HTML syntax image 1

Tag: keyword enclosed in angle brackets. It defines how your web browser formats and displays the content.
This is not case sensitive.
Some tags are called self-closing tags and they can eliminate its closing tags.

Content: embraced by opening tag and closing tag and shows up on your web browser.

Element: all parts from opening tag to closing tag.

HTML syntax image 2
HTML syntax image 2

Attribute: additional information to tag and defines in the opening tag.

Value: the value to attribute.

CSS Syntax

CSS syntax image
CSS syntax image

Selector: selects HTML tags or attributes (class name or id) that you wish to style.

Property: defines a type of styling.

Value: the value to the property which sets number or string.

Declaration: consist of the property and its value separated by a colon. Each declaration is separated by a semicolon.

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Thank you for reading and shantay you keep coding :)

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